• BAOJAAM Food stall

Baojaam was opened on 19th of May 2017, at the same day as legendary Balti Jaama Turg. Head chef Mihkel Rand, who had recently gotten the award of best head chef in Estonia, opened the very first bao place in Estonia, around 5 square metres big.

Baojaam's food stall offers handmade baos, done on spot, with exciting fillings. Served super fresh and hot, those baos are an amazing culinary experience. It takes just a few minutes to get them (if there is now queue) from the streetfood area at Balti Jaama Turg.

Baojaam's food stall has been published in The Guardian, Eesti Maitsed Täna, Big Green Egg's Flavour Fair etc. Last year it was recommended by White Guide Nordic. World-famous Lonely Planet published Baojaam in their book called "Ultimate Eats List. The World's top 500 food experiences.. ranked".  

  • BAOJAAM Bun & noodle shop

In July 2019, Baojaam's bun & noodle shop was opened.  The journey with bao buns continues, yet the bun & noodle shop is also focused on artisan noodles and ramens. Concept-wise it's a walk-in restaurant with an open kitchen, two floors and table service. In the see-though prep kitchen ice cream, noodles and baos are prepared, kimchi is fermented and kombucha made.

Bun & noodle shop has its own asian-inspired coctail menu and an authentic selection of Japanese artisan beers. And also two trademark drinks: "Baojaam's iced tea", since the openining of food stall, and now also "Baojaam's rasberry kombucha".

But who prefers to have some champagne, he/she totally can! Those two Baojaams are somewhat similar, yet different enough to have same day's lunch in one and dinner in another.